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Johor Bahru offers a broad range of seafood dining options, from contemporary fusion to classic Malay seafood restaurants.
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Western Food Restaurant

Western Food Restaurant

Western Food Restaurant

We understand the delicacies and the intricacies and therefore have made grounds as the best Bukit Indah western food restaurant. Our cooking experts excel in providing the taste you need while topping it off with their own magical touch.

Food is the essence of life! The reason why we exist and roll on with the flow to create a difference in the world. So, don’t you think it is the one thing that must be served with passion!? Well, here at Treasure Trove, we do precisely that!

We believe in a matrimonial relationship between taste and food. Our goal is to serve food that you don’t just like to eat but crave and desire! This has been made possible by years of experiment and knowledge to fine-tune our taste and make it a precise version of sublimity.

We offer a wide range of Western food Sutera customers love. Whether you are looking for something casual like a grilled chicken burger or craving for some high-end Western food Skudai has to offer, we got you covered.

Our team falls no short on Western food experts who are busy making it a dream come true for our customers who want to try the best Western food Sutera has to offer.

From pasta to fish & chips, and from pizza to lamb chops, we serve the Western food in Skudai that would fuel your taste buds. You will come back to us every time you crave for some Western cuisine.

We have built a reputation in the market and are known best for providing our customers the finest quality of Sutera Western food. Whether you want to enjoy food at your home or in the restaurant, we ensure to make your Western food Skudai experience the best.

Our western food entails :

No matter what you order, we sprinkle our love, passion, and dedication upon it to ensure that you can rejoice with every bit of it. Such confidence stems from a firm belief in our skillset and expertise that have been winning smiles and hearts for years now.

  • Pasta
  • Pizza
  • Soup
  • Chicken chop
  • Lambchop
  • Fish & Chips
  • Burger
  • Fresh Salads
  • Garlic Bread

Today, we serve the western food Johor Bahru deserves! Our menu is a blend of traditional and modern cuisines that radiate our passion and portray our concern to fulfill everyone’s western food urges.

Our western food entails :
Food - a token of love

Food - a token of love

Our food is a token of love and appreciation for you. We understand how hard you work every day towards achieving your dream and therefore want to complement your day with something that can put the stress at the bay.

Fresh and Natural ingredients

Using fresh and natural ingredients, we guarantee that our western food in JB is loaded with all the essential supplements that your body requires.

Your ultimate companion

We strive to be your ultimate companions at the time of festivity and even at rough patches. No matter how great or lousy you feel, we got the food right for your mood.

Customer service

We approach every customer as a prospect to help us create a healthy difference in the world. Our deliveries are one of those portals that make your life easier and us happier.