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Birthdays arе not just about gеtting oldеr; they're about cеlеbrating lifе, making mеmoriеs, and spending quality timе with lovеd onеs.
Pizza has a unique niche in Kuala Lumpur's (KL) diverse culinary scene. Due to its cheesy richness, this meal is universally adored and crosses cultural and geographic barriers.
Johor Bahru, or JB as it is commonly called, is more than simply a busy metropolis. It offers a diverse array of foods and meals, making it a sanctuary for foodies.

About Us




Who We Are?

There’s always something new happening in our test kitchen

There’s so much that goes into creating a dish every Malaysian ought to love. It is a mystery not many can solve. Our chefs create magic with their skill, knowledge, passion, and stirring spoons. They bring out the goodness in every ingredient. It is a symphony only the best of the best chefs in the town can create.

Every member of the team speaks one language – and that language is Food. Treasure Trove is all about achieving great Food, an outstanding balance of flavors, and a dish to admire. Everything we send out to you from our kitchen is irresistibly mouth-watering.

Fresh food
Fast Delivery
Quality Maintained

Uncompromised Quality

With our wholesome yet versatile menu, busy indoor dining service, and a ton of riders arriving to pick up takeaways, the one thing we never compromise on is our quality of service.


Fresh from Kitchen

We want your Food to taste amazing at home just as it does at the restaurant! Our chefs get to cooking the moment your order is placed.


Unlimited Options

All of your favorite food on the menu is available all day long, so feel free to order Food that pleases your mood.

Even when the menu changes,
the goodness doesn't

There is always something new to look forward to; because we don't believe in boring you (or ourselves).


Fastest Delivery - in only 4RM

Food is best when served straight from the kitchen. This is why we're careful not to keep you anxiously waiting. We deliver - within an 8km radius -in just 4RM**
On all orders above 50RM

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