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As we know, lunch is the most important meal of the day. Without a good lunch, nothing can be happened as good.
Malaysia has always served as a rich melting pot of south-east Asian culture and ethnicities for over a hundred years.
Thanks to colonisation and migration, modern Malaysian food is a fusion of several cuisines, including western, Chinese, Indian, and Indonesian.

Chicken Chop Restaurant

Chicken Chop Restaurant

Chicken Chop Restaurant

Can’t let go of chicken chop? Can’t have enough of that succulent and fleshy chicken bursting in your mouth with a punch of spices? Well, Treasure Trove takes care of that. With its extensive range of delicious cuisines, get ready to be mouth-watered and flooded with cravings!

Treasure Trove is today a name synonymous with unparalleled taste and authentic experience. It has become a go-to place when looking for a chicken chop restaurant.

Every cuisine hides in itself our passion and care for you. We strive to provide chicken chop Johor Bahru residents can relish and rejoice! With a team of passionate and talented cooks, every cuisine holds a special place in our hearts, and so will it for you!

Our menu includes :

  • Honey glazed chicken chop
  • Black pepper chicken chop
  • Mushroom chicken chop
  • Rosemary chicken chop
  • Thai style chicken chop
  • Dry Sichuan chicken chop
  • Chicken grilled kebab
  • Veggie Manchurian
  • Chicken Manchurian

We excel in helping create memories at every table in our restaurant. The sight of you filling the atmosphere with laughter, joy, and smiles back us to forge the most killer food combinations. We desire in topping your days off with such taste that you can sweep all the problems for a moment and just rejoice in the pleasure of living.

Every chicken chop cuisine, despite its origin, entails an intrinsic value in terms of flavor and taste. With distinct aromas becoming divergent between them, even smelling them from afar is an experience in itself. We have got solutions for all your enchanted taste buds!

Our menu includes :
Your trust equates to excellence

Your trust equates to excellence

Sublime ingredient selection

Taste, when supported by nutritional value, becomes the body’s ultimate need. Our chicken chop JB lovers are the reason why we handpick our ingredients to ensure that what you eat is wholesome.

Customer Experience

Merging rapid home deliveries with specially curated customer experience equates to happy faces and content smiles! We know that by experience!

Innovation and Continuous Improvement

Providing the best chicken in Jb, it’s crucial for us to be your go-to choice in the years to come. We do it by bringing innovation to conventional dishes and making them delights for your taste buds.