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Biryani Restaurant

Biryani Restaurant

Biryani Restaurant

Although an Indian subcontinent dish, Biryani is highly commended for its supreme use of spicy and diverse ingredients. Today, Treasure Trove sees it securing a place on many tables and receiving positive feedback.

Providing Biryani in Johor Bahru for years now, we excel in selecting the most tasteful spices from around the world because that’s what controls the essence of Biryani. This is then backed with our cooking experts’ knowledge and skillset, who add their own touch and magic. These are some highly talented individuals who are deeply associated with experimenting with dishes and carving the perfect blends.

Treasure Trove believes in spreading its perimeters wide apart and appealing to every foodie in Johor Bahru. It marks its traditional landmark taste with helping hands of passion and forges a supreme combination. As an advocate of bringing taste to even the most diverse cuisines, its cooking experts are dedicated to living up to expectations.

Our Biryani menu entails

Chicken Biryani

We have carefully selected chicken and lamb for the dish as we know what will be best suited to sting your taste buds with joy. Our choice of banaspati rice and aromatic ingredients top the dish with flavor you’ll remember for the times to come.

Lamb Biryani

Food isn’t just about gulping everything right away! It is an expression of rejoicing, even something as simple as a grain of rice. We love to see you sharing such special moments with our food on your plate! By far, one of the most delicate and sumptuous Sub-continent dishes, Biryani is a sole experience in itself! With all the spices making their presence felt and a curry to complement, it is a highly requested and appreciated cuisine in Malaysia.

Our Biryani menu entails
The biryani Johor Bahru deserves

The biryani Johor Bahru deserves

Customer Satisfaction

With biryani Johor Bahru deserves, our 98% customer satisfaction response is evidence of our matchless taste and scrumptious flavoring. In a short time, we have taken the courtesy of serving the best Biryani in Johor Bahru.

Top-notch Selection

We attain only the best natural ingredients to use in our cuisines, ensuring your body’s supplemental needs are adequately fulfilled.


With a deep-lying concern and rapid home deliveries, we have inculcated excellence in our business model and operation.